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We’re adding AI to our most popular plan, at no extra charge

Use AI for compliance busywork, so you can spend your time executing rather than analyzing.

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  • We believe that founders, HR leaders, and accounting professionals shouldn’t have to choose between thousands of dollars in fines and hours of aggravation trying to decipher state notices to prevent them.

  • We also know many companies need to scrutinize every expense, even for powerful tools like AI that improve the efficiency and output of their teams.

  • So we decided to include AbstractOps AI Compliance Copilot in our most popular plan, at no additional cost.


The Problem

The 2020 pandemic forced the world to go remote. 

In the ensuing years, while many enterprises began to mandate their teams return to large, expensive offices either full time or several days per week, many other companies took a decidedly different approach.

These companies’ leaders liked the fact that even though they were based in Washington, they could hire the most talented sales rep in Nevada.

They saw the potential outcome of pouring capital into R&D rather than building out the 30th floor.

And they recognized the quality of life impact of allowing employees to spend an extra couple hours per day with their families, rather than commuting.

For embracing remote work, what did these leaders earn?

A confusing web of state by state regulations, fees, and misconceptions.

If they want to hire a remote employee in New York, the state requires them to:

  1. Register for foreign qualification with the New York Secretary of State via PAPER FORM (!)

  2. THEN register with the New York Department of Taxation

  3. THEN  complete the NYS100 on NY Business Express  and wait 10 - 15 days to process

  4. AND THEN take the employer # they send you, and manually enter back on the Department of Taxation site.

Doing this right = mentally draining. 

Doing this wrong = penalties.

Our Belief 

As long as there are 50 states, there will be 50 different sets of rules, regulations, and penalties surrounding remote employees.

Unfortunately, we cannot change this.

What we can change - and have, for hundreds of founders, HR leaders, and accounting professionals - is the choice between mental anguish dealing with state compliance, and thousands of dollars in fines.

We believe that managing state compliance should be straightforward and  efficient, powered by technology but supervised by human experts.

To accomplish this, companies must look to:

  • Automate - Register and file without tons of research, guesswork, or state phone calls

  • Centralize - Registered Agent + email + physical mail + logins + account numbers all in ONE place

  • Take Control - Address compliance risks before they become penalties.

These actions are not one and done, set and forget, but rather ongoing activities that previously required a ton of human oversight.

As we were building AbstractOps, we realized that the rise of artificial intelligence could have a massive impact on the solution to this problem.

Specifically, artificial intelligence is really good at pattern matching and deciphering meaning from unstructured data.

Data like … the hundreds of state notices, reminders, and warnings leaders with remote employees receive each year.

The time and effort spent manually reviewing these and figuring out what to do could be offloaded to AI resources, freeing the humans up to focus on execution. 

When we launched AbstractOps AI Compliance Copilot as part of our most expensive tier (Core) we immediately saw how much stress and busywork it removed from the individuals using it.

However, we couldn’t stand to see that impact limited to only a small fraction of our customers, and knew that to achieve our belief, we had to make this amazing technology more accessible.

The AbstractOps AI Compliance Copilot turns state mailings into actionable tasks to reduce risk.The AbstractOps AI Compliance Copilot turns state mailings into actionable tasks to reduce risk.

What’s Changing

Starting today, we’re adding the AI Compliance Copilot to our most popular plan - Starter

The price of this plan will not increase, remaining $500 / state / year.

When compared to various other alternatives for state compliance assistance Starter will remain an extremely attractive option, balancing a competitive cost with the ability to:

  • Automate payroll tax registration, Secretary of State registration (Foreign Qualification) and annual reports

  • Centralize registered agent requirements, state notices, and account numbers

  • Take control of compliance action items proactively.

We feel this is an exciting step in our continuing quest to help operators never have to choose between the stress and uncertainty of handling state compliance manually, and the financial risks of executing incorrectly. 

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Kristin Bass

Kristin Bass has helped over 100 companies navigate the confusing world of state compliance. Prior to her role as the CEO of AbstractOps, she worked as an Operations Analyst at FIS Global. She holds an MBA from East Carolina University and has a deep love for animals, especially her two labrador retrievers.

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